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summer reloaded [vienna]

Posted on: Sonntag, 25. November 2012

#1 fashioncamp afterparty // #2 museumsquartier // #3 beste katzentasche ever // #4 prater // #5-6 motto am fluss // #7 prater // #8 fashioncamp // #9-10 filmfestival am rathausplatz

hach, was war das nur für eine herrliche zeit. tolle menschen und warme temperaturen. ich weine dem sommer hinterher. mit dicken fetten krokodilstränen. und keiner kann mich trösten. gott sei dank gibts seit einigen tagen meinen lieblings-punsch-stand im museumsquartier. da werde ich meinen kummer einfach in hochprozentigem ertränken. dumm, aber wirkungsvoll.

_the summer is over and i'm sad as hell. had such an amazing time... great people and warm temperatures. now i'm crying at home, all by myself and no-one can cheer me up. at least my favourite punch-stand at museumsquartier opened some days ago. so i can drown my pain in lots of high-proof liquids. stupid, but effective.

[all pictures taken with lomography diana mini // disposal camera from dm]


  1. Those pictures are really very cool! :)
    By the way, have you seen the "Little Black Jacket" exhibition by Karl Lagerfeld? It just made a stop in Berlin :)
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin ♥

    1. no, i haven't. but lola is heading to berlin right now to see it. i'm jealous...

  2. I love these pictures!!!


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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