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i want some dusty deco

Posted on: Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

i had read about this place already quite some time ago, just never made it there. actually i stumbled across it by accident during strolling around in södermalm with my friend who was visiting me some time ago. the decoration items they have are amazing and even less expensive as expected. if i would know that i'd stay in stockholm for longer, i would have bought one of those huge metal letters and placed it just somewhere on the floor of my living room. haha, find the flaw - ok, for those, wo haven't been to my place so far - i don't have a living room, it's more like a one-room-apartment. but who knows... perhaps someday... at least i know where to buy my deco then...

btw. i'm working on a wonderful stockholm-guide, which i'll publish sometime during the holidays. just haven't found time to finish it yet. you'll find loads of great tips concerning restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and clubs there. all you have to do is hop into a plane and fly here!


  1. Wow that looks like a really cool place to get decor! Looking forward to your Stockholm guide, even though it'll be a couple of years before I get to go there myself.

  2. so cool things there!

    xoxo Balazs

  3. dann ist ja alles ok :)
    habe das jetzt aber auch geändert, hihi

  4. thanks so much for the following:) following back now, hope to see more of you xx


  5. Oh mein Gott, vielen Danke. Du weißt gar nicht wie sehr ich mich freue wenn so tolle Blogs mich selbst verfolgen, danke danke danke! kann man ja eh nie zu oft sagen :)
    verfolge dich auch, hast richtig richtig tolle Bilder, wow.

  6. Love these images!


  7. hey girl:) this looks like such a great place! thank you for your awesome commentX

  8. I like your blog. i follow you to support your page.

    would be super if you visit mine too

  9. Fabulous blog! Following now

    xoxo, H

  10. Wow, I love all of this. It's such unique pieces. You have a lovely blog and I'm now following. Stop by my blog some time and say hi (and follow back if you're interested).

  11. lovely photos!

    Would love it if you visit my blog when you have time ;)

  12. Adorable!
    I love vintage decor!
    Thank you for your sweet comment !!!;)

    A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

  13. Thaanks! :)
    I'm in love with the mustache bracelet *.* !


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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