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you asked - we tell: moi minnie

Posted on: Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

kürzlich bin ich über diese interessante junge dame gestolpert, als ich gerade für mein diplom recherchiert habe [ok, ich gestehe... ich habe gerade pause gemacht...] und da hat mich das gefühl beschlichen, dass ich ihr unbedingt ein paar stumpfsinnige fragen stellen und euch ihren blog vorstellen sollte. und los gehts:

recently i stumbled across this interesting young lady while i was doing some research for my diploma [ok, i admit... i was having a break...] and it felt necessary to ask her some stupid questions and feature her blog, since i really like it a lot. and here we go:

// who's the person you'd like to swap wardrobes with?

although i'm pretty satisfied with my wardrobe i have to say the olsens, hands down! 
and maybe some designer's closets, with their collections in it.

// your weirdest talent?

i'm afraid I don't have any weird talents. i've been trying to learn how to burp on purpose (don't ask why, 
i wouldn't know either), but so far haven't had any success.

// you dance to?

britney's songs can make me get up anytime, anywhere! pure 90s pop, love it.

// the most awkward piece in your closet?

this is a tough one, haha! i try not to buy too much clothes to avoid that "wtf-is-this-doing-in-my-closet" feeling. 
but recently, as i was cleaning out my closet, i found out that i had a lot of red clothes and i don't really wear red. 
so i guess i can say those are my most awkward pieces!

// your favourite spice girl?

never really listened to their music as much as i did britney or nsync. but if i had to choose, 
i'd say emma because of her blonde hair and bubbly personality.

// your favourite spot in town?

it changes all the time! today i may be up for a picnic and the other i just want to sip my 
coffee in a fancy cafe - there really are no rules!

// early bird or night owl?

neither. i'd say i'm a mid-day type of person but then i guess i'm leaning 
more towards the early bird!

// first thought in the morning?

it usually goes something like this: "shit, i slept in again" and then "oh god, 
i have so much to do today!"



  1. aww thank you so much :) amazing post...I love her pictures and outfits!! and guess what? I'm following you back! ahah xx

  2. Das Outfit sieht total super bei dir aus, kann echt nicht jeder anziehen! =)
    Liebeste Grüße :)

  3. Oh das sind auch wirklich 2 schöne Stellen :)
    finde zierlichere tattoos an frauen meisten besser muss ich sagen :)

  4. danke für die tolle vorstellung der interessanten lady!! find die fotos auch sehr inspirierend :)

  5. Sehr interessanter Beitrag, schaue mir ihren Blog mal an :) Und danke für deinen Kommi! Du hast einen schönen blog :)

  6. Great interview and some fun-interesting answers. I also like the hair colour :-) Thanks for your sweet comment - I'm very lucky to be working from home and being able to create whatever look I like for my work space. Have a lovely evening xo

  7. Have to thank you here as well! You did an awesome job, this looks so great! Love & kisses from xx


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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