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you asked - we tell: beach & dress

Posted on: Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

ich habe die liebe karina von beach & dress ausgequetscht wie eine zitrone. sie ist mir tapfer rede und antwort gestanden. ihr blog ist in den letzten monaten einer meiner liebsten geworden. madame hat einen cleanen, simplen style und ein gutes händchen für DIY. was sie geantwortet hat? seht selbst.

_i squeezed out lovely karina from beach & dress like a lemon. she was brave enough to answer all my difficult questions. her blog has become one of my faves during the past months. madame's got a very clean and simple style and a great talent for DIY. wanna see what she answered? scroll down.

// who's the person you'd like to swap wardrobes with? 
i don't know who i'd like to swap my wardrobes with completely, but it would be awesome
to be able to borrow clothes from eszter of stylorectic. she's a babe.

// your weirdest talent?
i can move my belly button side to side. can't do the wave though. [editor's note: hahahaha, ugh!!!]

// you dance to?
electro and salsa.

// the most awkward piece in your closet?
i try to make sure i get rid of all the awkward clothes pretty often because i don't like owning
a lot of stuff so i cannot think of one right now.

// your favourite spice girl?
now i'd say victoria beckham for obvious reasons, but to be honest, when i really used to listen
to them it was geri halliwell. i wonder what she's up to now...?

// your favourite spot in town?
the local coffee shop. it has a really good vibe, and i often go there to blog/do work.

// early bird or night owl?
a wanna be early bird.

// first thought in the morning?
why is it so hard for me to wake up?

hab ich zu viel versprochen? na dann los los, ab auf ihren blog. die gute freut sich mit sicherheit über besuch. bitte hier entlang.

_did i promise too much? then hop hop, visit her blog. i'm sure you'll like it as much as i do. this way, please.


  1. amazing girl, love her style, i didn't know her, xx

  2. DANKSEHR! interesanter blog, also deiner, ihrer auch, waahahahah verwirrung :D

  3. merci :) dein blog ist einfach nur genial. neue leserin. liebe diese sonnenbrille karina, besuche ihren blog dann auch mal gleich.

  4. She has amazing style!
    Daysha ♥

  5. great questions, she has a amazing style, i especially like those last pictures.
    X jane

  6. sehr schönes interview, ich liebe ihren blog auch!


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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