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you asked - we tell: broken cookies

Posted on: Montag, 21. Mai 2012

eine neue rubrik. ich quetsche meine lieblingsblogger aus. heute die broken cookies aus london/manchester. einer meiner liebsten blogs in den sphären des worldwideweb. sabinna studiert modedesign in london, david wirtschaft in manchester. das coolste paar seit john lennon und yoko ono. ehrenwort.

_a new column. i pepper my fave bloggers with questions. today the broken cookies from london/manchester. one of my most beloved blogs in the spheres of the worldwideweb.  sabinna studies fashion design in london, david business in manchester. the coolest couple since john lennon and yoko ono. word.

// who's the person you'd like to swap wardrobes with? 
sabinna: no one, i guess. i love my own wardrobe! :)
david: neal caffrey from the series "white collar"- he has the most awesome suits.

// your weirdest talent?
sabinna: i can imitate different voices, male and female. however, i never do it in public, just a few people witnessed this talent so far.
david: i can listen to sabinna's weird voices without getting annoyed.

// you dance to?
when we are in a good mood we dance to everything.

// your favourite spice girl?
sabinna: posh spice for ever and ever! victoria always looked so amazing to me plus i loved her haircut a lot.
david: i never really liked them, so there is no favourite.

// the most awkward piece in your closet?
sabinna: i have a few pair of shoes that people might find a bit awkward, but i like them and love to wear them.
david: i am afraid you won't find anything awkward in my closet. 

// your favourite spot in town?
in london it's the area we live in (bloomsbury), we just love all the restaurants and cafes around this place. in vienna it's türkenschanzpark and museumsquartier. especially in summer we love to hang out there.

// early bird or night owl?
we are definitely both night owls. nothing is worse than waking up early, but unfortunately there is no way of avoiding it.

// first thought in the morning?
sabinna: i usually think about my plans for the day and what i have to do.
david: i don't think anything, i just hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.

ihr wollt noch mehr abendteuer der broken cookies sehen? auf die plätze, fertig, los. HIER entlang.

_wanna see more adventures of the broken cookies? ready, set go. along HERE.


  1. "the coolest couple since john lennon and yoko ono" i can agree! i love them.

  2. Hammer wie geil die bilder sind, ich bin baff

  3. i'm really in love with this blog guys.

  4. This set of photos and blog is amazing!
    Keep up the good work!

    Jan Marcel Blog

  5. richtig toll !

  6. So beautiful photographies ! :)

  7. really love all the sunglasses! Xx

  8. I like them too...I discovered them before coming here in vienna for my erasmus (I was searching some infos about the city..). You are from Vienna too right?
    A good place to buy a really cheap bike? if you know one...


  9. inlove in love in love of your floral suit by H&M!

    gorgerous glasses :D

    one more shoes


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