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sushi love at dots, vienna

Posted on: Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

dots experimental sushi // mariahilfer strasse 104 // 1070 vienna

had dinner with some friends at dots last night. it's such an amazing place, i would come here every week if i could afford it. love all their crazy experimental sushi. this time we went for some spicy duck, breaded prawn and chicken teriyaki maki - delicious as always. can't wait to hop in soon again and fill my stomach with tons of rice and raw fish. btw - i can really recommend to have the apfelstrudel-sushi as dessert - it's fantastic! nom nom.

i was wearing: coat_cheap monday // scarf + cardigan_h&m // dress_oysho // hat_bonnnet // tote bag_westford mill [w?atf pop-up store] // wedges_vagabond


  1. Your shoes are so lovely! I think that if I hadn't had such a terrible, sickening first experience with sushi, I would probably like to visit this place, too!

    Jessica | Vixenelle


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