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mark & julia present 'hybrid'

Posted on: Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

we got an invitation to a fashion show on friday evening. reason enough to stop by at mac cosmetics before to get a great make up done for the night. thank you, ferman - amazing work!

the young austrian fashion designers mark&julia's were presenting their AW12/13 collection "hybrid" at neni im zweiten. great styles, wonderful unisex cuts, interesting textiles like loden or silk in mostly dark shades. the awesome vertical garden as background. sitting in the first row - well, haha, there was just one row... short but great show. really liked the collection a lot - saw some pieces i would throw over immediately! great work, guys! [more pics to find at skir]

wanna know what we did after the show? the pictures are about to come tomorrow! 


  1. You look to have a blast, I'm eager to see photo after the show :) ! And thanks you so much dear for your comment, I com back soon on your blog :)!



  2. That looks like a fun event! Love MAC Make-up and can't wait to see more
    pictures tomorrow,

    Lacey xoxo

  3. what a fun night! Totally like that shopping-mall feeling ;)

  4. Thaks for following. I follow U back, and I really like Ur blog!

  5. Great pictures, oh, and I love MAC :)

  6. Your blog REALLY makes me want to go to vienna soon!
    Great styles, amazing photos, topics :)
    Just love it!
    I feel very honored for you to follow me!

    Love, Cathi

  7. Thanks to much to follow me, I follow you too

    kisses, marsboyfriend


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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