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balloons & bubbles

Posted on: Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

march will be full of reasons to celebrate. bubbles and balloons. party hats and sparkling wine. cupcakes and glitter. and you will get a slice of the cake as well. more to come soon... surprise surprise! stay tuned, dears!


  1. Oh how I love the balloons! Happy celebration.
    Lots of love, cuteberry

  2. ooh pretty pretty balloons!! cant wait to see more! :)

  3. Oh was für süße Luftballons. Tolles BIld. Und dein Outfit aus dem letzten Post davor gefällt mir auch total gut. Sieht sehr süß aus :)

    Ich mag das eigentlich nicht, aber würdest du vielleicht für mich voten? Den Link findest du im neuesten Post und es geht gaaaanz schnell und macht mich glücklich. Ich wär dir so dankbar :) Lilly x

  4. Lucky you that you have a lot of reasons to celebrate! Here in my country march means the back to school and university so anyone is very happy or excited about this month

  5. love the balloons! so much fun

  6. I look forward dear!!:)

  7. It's my Birthday is March so will definitely be filled with party hats and balloons for me :)

    I am now following you! :)


  8. Thanks <3 It's not my birthday or something else in March but I will still eat cupcakes! :D


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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