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Posted on: Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

since i lived in stockholm for quite a while i thought it could be a good idea to share some nice places with you - there is really so much to experience in this city. i skipped the basic sights on purpose, cause i think you can find them anyway in every travel guide...

during the next weeks you'll find separate posts about my favourite cafés, restaurants, shops, clubs (and many more) in stockholm - in the end i will put all that information together, so that you'll have a proper guide for your next trip to one of the most beautiful cities on this planet.

vurma: there are four places to be found in stockholm. my favourites are the one's in östermalm and södermalm - at hornstull's waterfront. the cafés are usually quite crowded, but they also offer an outdoor seating area (guess only swedes use that during winter) i recommend you to taste one of their delicious warm sandwiches - my favourite is the stolpskott - and a coffee and some wonderful pastries as dessert.

find it here: birger jarlsgatan 36 // 114 29 stockholm (tb-station: östermalmstorg / hötorget) + bergsunds strand 31 // 117 38 stockholm (tb-station: hornstull)

snickarbacken 7: is named after the street where it's located. it's kind of a café-shop-art gallery thing in an old stable. the interior is stunning - love the bohemian style with old cobbled together furniture and the old wooden elements used at the entrance. they have a small but nice selection of drinks and food. grab yourself a coffee and go for a spin through the two shops or the gallery.

find it here: snickarbacken 7 // 111 39 stockholm (tb-station östermalmstorg / hötorget)

sturekatten: stopping by here for a coffee is like sitting in your grandmother's living room. sturekatten is the oldest confectionery in stockholm and usually super crowded during weekends. it's located in an old building and spread over two floors - you have to climb up some stairs before you can enter the café, and you can climb up even some more if you wanna sit in one of the wonderful small rooms on the top floor. really more than worth a visit! (i would go for a cheese-cake or this little strawberry-cream cake you can see on the second pic. yummy!)

find it here: riddargatan 4 // 114 35 stockholm (tb-station östermalmstorg)

saturnus: a french bistro/café located at eriksbergsgatan 6. you can find the biggest cinnamon buns in town as well as a big range of cold and warm sandwiches during daytime, different lunch assortments varying every day and a big brunch on weekends (sat+sun) they also offer a take away service for almost all of their products. the prices for food seem to be bit higher than elsewhere, but the portions were usually so huge, that i could hardly finish my meals.

find it here: eriksbergsgatan 6 // 114 30 stockholm (tb-station östermalmstorg / hötorget / rådmansgatan)

string: the café had it's 20-years jubilee this year and i'm not really surprised about that - the atmosphere in there is great. old furniture, from your grandma's couch to some chairs which could have been your parent's ones... and a lot of decoration from different places. string reminds me a little bit of an old gasoline station with it's signs and the huge traffic light. they have a good range of warm and cold meals every day as well as a big and great breakfast-buffet every weekend (sat+sun)

find it here: nytorgsgatan 38 // 116 40 stockholm (tb-station medborgarplatsen)

bio rio: a small cinema built in the 1940s run through an impressive make-over some years ago. there's this wonderful little cafe with very simple furniture and beautiful lightning - the chairs and tables are movable, so you can also use the coffee shop space for meetings or seminars. located just around the corner from vurma södermalm. [pics via: 1/2/3]

find it here: hornstulls strand 3 // 117 39 stockholm (tb-station hornstull)

copacabana: a cute, colourful, little and queer-friendly cafe just next door to bio rio with a wonderful view over the water. during the warmer days you can sit on one of the the high wooden benches outside, watch people passing and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of hornstulls strand. this area is really one of my most favourite ones in stockholm! [pics via 1/2/3/4]

find it here: hornstulls strand 3 // 117 39 stockholm (tb-station hornstull)

johan & nyström: located right in the wonderful area around mariatorget, next door to some great bars and cafés. it's a combined shop, training facility, coffee and tea bar. you can go there and have a seminar about coffee incl. tasting, but also to drink one or two cups with some friends, sitting downstairs on the huge steps littered with colourful pillows. i would go for one of their great, freshly made teas, they are amazing! there are thousands of different flavours, but the staff is incredibly nice and trying to help you with the decision. i usually hate tea - it reminds me of beeing ill. i drink it only when i have a really bad cold - but if you stop by here, you should really give it a try - it's more than worth it!

find it here: swedenborgsgatan 7 // 118 48 stockholm (tb-station mariatorget)

rosendals trädgård: what would be a proper coffee shop guide without this amazing place?! through the past months it has become my most beloved place in stockholm. the atmosphere is amazing, i love to sit in one of these old glasshouses, surrounded by tons of trees, plants and flowers and watch the weather outside while chewing on a delicious kanelbulle. i think this place would be my absolute number one tip in stockholm if you wanna have a coffee at a wonderful and unique place.

find it here: rosendalsterrassen 12 // 115 21 stockholm (tb-stop waldemarsudde or nordiska museet and then 10 min walk)


  1. Wow, wunderbare Fotos. Da will man am liebsten direkt den nächsten Flieger Richtung Schweden nehmen. :)

  2. Beautiful post and great advice - I visited Stockholm for the first time last year (twice) and I have to agree with you here... the place is absolutely beautiful, I LOVED it. So you still live there now? If yes, then you're very lucky! :) it's such a clean and chic city... thanks for sharing this. I love your blog, it's inspiring... i'm your newest follower, look forward to reading lots more.. you can find me here at

    Best wishes for the new year


  3. Beautiful post. Thanx for sharing these beautiful places with us, hope to soon get the chance to travel and visit them.
    Wishes for a wonderful year ahead

  4. Reading this I miss Stockholm's cafés a lot! Italy lacks in the café department. Saturnus is great and I also love Mocco at Nybrogatan and Chokladkoppen in Gamla Stan! great post!

  5. These places look amazing (I especially love the food-focus - love great food places!!). I've always wanted to go to Stockholm - will definitely keep these in mind for the glorious day when I actually get there :) xx

  6. Wow, it looks amazing!

  7. haha your funny comment made my day today! you're so lovely!
    i wish i could visit stockholm one day, i love sweden! :)


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