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051211 - and back again...

Posted on: Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

the weekend in berlin was just too short. it's such a huge and special city, that you would need at least a week or even more to explore most of the things you'd wanna see. so i'll definitely come back as soon as it's spring or summer, so i can also spend some time outside...

i'm heading to the city now to buy some christmas presents. i'm kinda late this year, usually i bought them earlier... every time i saw something nice i bought it already for christmas - which was kinda annoying for everyone else,  cause i'm really bad in keeping stuff for me - if i have a present for someone, i can't wait to give it to him/her and did that then at least some days before christmas eve because i couldn't wait to see his/her reaction. so i guess my family's happy, that i'm flying back the 24th of december, so everyone will get their presents on the right day...


  1. wow, die bilder sind total schön, du warst bei yoli oder? ich liebe den frozen yogurt da! ;) toller blog. xx

  2. super coole Bilder! Sieht nach ne tollen Reise aus! Liebste Grüße, Coco

  3. danke mika für deinen lieben kommentar und für sfollowen :)
    ich klick hier mal durch wenn ich mehr zeit hab.
    sehr schöne bilder. ich muss berlin auch mal ein besuch abstatten -.-

  4. dankeschön ! :)
    dein blog ista uch echt schön , wurde sofort verfolgt ! :>

    ganz liebe grüße ♥

  5. What a vibrant, amazing city, great photographs!

  6. thanks for follow)I like your red coat!
    i have a new post)thanks for a comment)

  7. cool blog:)) great update!!


  8. Aw, loving all your photos. Berlin looks like such a lovely city! You look adorable...and I am loving your red coat!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Definitely following darling:)

  9. I love it! .... beautiful !!!:)

    I'm following you, would love to stay in touch, so feel free to follow me back. :) Xoxo

    A great Saturday!

  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Berlin! I went to visit my sister there (mahaila - the one who sews on our blog) earlier this year. Wonderful!!

  11. Amazing Photos and amazing Blog (:

  12. Hello! Where did you buy a hat shaped like panda and ladybug?
    Thank you :)

  13. thanks for your lovely comment. i really love your photos! hope you enjoyed berlin! greetz sara.

  14. thank you sweeties! <3

    @veronika: i bought them at over a year ago, it was a family knitting them, but unfortunately they've closed their shop now... :-/


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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