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hyvää päivää helsinki, part 2

Posted on: Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

i'm back again... after some tough days in helsinki i flew back to stockholm yesterday in the early morning... directly to school, just right on time for my presentation. afterwards i fell into a sleep-coma - i slept for about 17 hours - at least i now feel bit better and halfway awake again. helsinki was really nice, although it was so cold, that you didn't wanna spend too much time outside. i think i should give it a serious consideration if it wouldn't be time to buy some gloves and ugly winter shoes - at least i haven't seen any nice ones till today. since years my winter shoes are normal boots, just bought one number too big, so that i can wear two pairs of socks, but i'm afraid that this idea won't be warm enough for the freezing cold north.

i'll come up with some more helsinki pics the next days, as well as with some shopping and café tips, which you shouldn't miss once you're there. hugs from stockholm, xx


  1. Mach mir keine Angst! Meine Schuhe, Füße und ich müssen noch 4 Wochen überleben ;)

  2. Wirklich tolle Bilder!! Find deinen Beutel ja so cool und das Fahrradlicht, hehe ;-)
    Hach, Stockholm ist soo schön! War im Sommer auch dort und habe mich in die Stadt verliebt ;-) Ist es denn gerade sehr kalt?

  3. @victorypug - schaffen wir schon! 3 wochen noch! :)

    @anni: danke! sthlm ist ein traum, kann es kaum erwarten wieder her zu kommen (bin ja leider nur noch bis weihnachten da) - ist übrigens grade nicht viel kälter als in österreich, glaub ich. :)


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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