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hyvää päivää helsinki, part 1

Posted on: Sonntag, 13. November 2011

it has been quite cold, windy and greyish in helsinki today and it's also getting dark very early, so there's not that much time you can spend outside every day - at least not if you wanna see something. my aunt picked us up in the afternoon and brought us to some really nice places - we went to a fleamarket which is located in the basement of an old building superclose to the water. the ceilings were so low, that you were almost hitting your head every few metres. they were selling extremely much crap for horrendously expensive prices - can't believe that this old yellowed panda "piggy" bank would have costed 25 euros! seriously, wtf? but the location was wonderful - would be amazing to have a restaurant or something down there...
later we drove to puu-vallila, a fantastic part of the inner city, just a few minutes by tram from the center. you dive into a different world, everything is so small, cosy and silent. those old wooden houses in different colours, the beautiful little courtyards with old trees. you really shouldn't miss that out in case you'd be in helsinki some day. more pics to come soon! xx


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thanks a lot. i heart you.

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