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copenhagen - love

Posted on: Freitag, 4. November 2011

after spending two exhausting days on the cemetery in malmö i couldn't wait to visit my friend in copenhagen... came back quite late last night and oh my, i'm simply overwhelmed by this city! it's absolutely amazing! it's one of those cities you can't get enough of and makes you feel that you'd have to move there immediately. they have thousands of new buildings all over town (which, for me as architecture student, is of course super interesting) it's close to the water, there's a very laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, many young people and amazing cafés and shops.
we went to this coffee place some time in the afternoon and since i usually don't eat breakfast i was so hungry that i ordered a homemade burger with potatoes - it was delicious - i'd say it's even the best burger i've eaten so far. the whole place was absolutely stunning - you felt like sitting in a very old small library, all around you were surrounded by books, which you could take to your place and read, but there was also a small book shop downstairs, where you could even buy some of the books.

i took way too many pics during this day, so i'll post a second load of wonderful cph photos tomorrow! hugs from stockholm, xx


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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