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copenhagen - love, afresh

Posted on: Sonntag, 6. November 2011

oh dear, i'm getting almost a little melancholic clicking through these pics. even though it was such a short time i spent in copenhagen, it was simply perfect. and like you were always told "you have to leave at the moment when you're having the most amazing time" - cause then you can't wait to come back again. and so did i. and now, in my mind i'm already planning my next visit to denmark's capital. actually i was planning to have a little city trip sometime next spring - first to copenhagen to visit my friend and then some days to stockholm, where she would join me, since i'm afraid that she won't make it to sthlm anymore as long as i'm here... uuuuhhh, can't wait! it's so amazing in scandinavia during springtime. every single person spends the entire day outside, the parcs and cafés are super crowded and everyone tries to catch as much sun as possible after a long dark winter... love it! hope you're having a wonderful and relaxed sunday, dear readers! hugs, xx


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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