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do it yourself cupcake - lantern

Posted on: Dienstag, 27. September 2011

cupcakes are hip, cupcakes are in, everyone eats cupcakes - except me. i'm not such a fan of all those sweet cakes and stuff, but at least now i have a huge luminated one in my room. i was looking for a nice ceiling-lamp since i moved to stockholm, but i didn't find a satisfying one till now. and then i suddenly remembered seeing this lamp on the web quite some time ago... so i stopped by at ikea this morning and bought the paper lantern and some bulbs.

for this cupcake-lantern you need:
- 1 paper lantern (i chose one with a diameter of ca. 36 cm)
- cupcake-forms (different sizes - i used about 240 pieces for this)
- some glue (the one you'd use for gluing wood)
- a lot of patience (took me about two hours to fix everything)

spread some glue on the cupcake-form bottoms (it's really important, that you don't use a normal glue, because that'll still be visible after drying! on my pics the glue's still wet, so you can still see it here and there) start at the top of the lantern with gluing the forms alined and closeby to each other. leave a row empty and continue with the third one (pic. 5) it'll be easier to squeeze the others inbetween, than starting at one point and adding the forms till the lantern is completely covered.

when buying the paper lantern you should be aware of that you'll see the structure behind the paper as soon as the light's on. i don't like the structure of this lantern, but i had no other choice, since i wanted to have it today and didn't wanna wait any longer. i'll also buy some smaller cupcake-forms later this week  and will glue them into the bigger ones to accent. didn't find any suitable ones yet, but i had enough anyway after fixing 240 forms today. haha. happy handicrafting, guys! xx


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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