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do it yourself bubble - shirt

Posted on: Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

can't believe that i finally found some time last weekend to do some changes on some of my shirts. usually i love all these diy-things, lately it's just been the lack of time which has crossed my plans. i found this wonderful idea in an old cut-magazine, which i took with me to stockholm to get some inspiration for modifying my clothes some day...

for this bubble-shirt you need:
- 1 t-shirt (make sure to buy it at least one size bigger than usually)
- 1 packet polystryene balls (different sizes - i chose 10-35mm)
- 1 sewing thread (at best in the same colour as the shirt)

now you define the area where you wanna have the bubble-optic, then start with one ball and place it under the fabric. you can either just wind the thread around the fabric at the lower end of the ball - or as i did - sew a bigger circle on the shirt with just some stiches and pull it together, so that the ball is fixed inside. afterwards wrap the thread around it and fix it again with some stiches. add as many balls as you like. just make sure to try on the shirt time after time to make sure that it still fits. would be a pity if you would spend a long time working on it and would notice afterwards, that it got too tight somewhere, because the balls take quite some fabric away!

with the balls inside the shirt you shouldn't wash it anymore in the machine (and of course keep it very far away from dryers!) but a soft hand-wash is absolutely okay. have fun with customizing your own bubble-shirt! lots of love from stockholm! xx


  1. ich bin auch total verliebt in das shirt... (falls du styro-kugeln in sthlm suchst, weiss ich jetzt wo's die gibt) ;)

  2. Total toll!!! Das ist ein echter Hingucker und so einfach <3

  3. Wirklich eine tolle Idee - gefällt mir sehr!
    Auch wenn meine Umsetzung vermutlich nie so gut aussähe^^



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