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zurück nach zürich [back to zurich]

Posted on: Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

some days ago i joined a friend on a one-day-trip to zurich. i always love to be back, since i used to live and work there for more than 1.5 years before i came to vienna. it's such a lovely city - the lake, the old city, the swiss dialect, etc... this city always makes my heart beat faster and gives me this feeling of coming home again. (although i'm really in love with vienna!) the last pics are from the garage we left our car at. in case you didn't know - in switzerland every single building (even family houses) has to have an air-raid shelter for emergencies. and it wouldn't be zurich, if they wouldn't even make money out of those. haha. you can park there and you have to leave your keys at the small office, so if there would be an emergency case, they can move your car somewhere else. crazy, eh?

[the title of the blogpost comes from this funny song. sorry that it's only excisting in german...]


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