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paprikás, lescó & pálinka [day 3]

Posted on: Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

haha, all of the pics really give the impression, that i'm only hopping around in we bandits apparel the entire time - and that's right. i am desperately fallen for those fantastic shirts with different appliqués, like this slouchy tank top with a mob of different animals - from rabbits over zebras to sheeps and whales - heading to noah's ark.

this are the last pics from the weekend - i promise! the last day in budapest began with a superlate getting up since we got home quite late saturday night. we were walking around a bit and got some pasta to go and sat down to the danube and relaxed for some hours before we had to hurry to the train station to catch the train back to vienna.
there will still come some pics from my friends visit in vienna the next days. but since there's so damn much going on in vienna the next days i wanna post about i guess you'll have to wait for those vienna pics till next week... :)

i'll post some pics from last nights vienna fashion night in the afternoon. so make sure to check back later!


  1. o.O in den Zug wär ich denk ich nicht eingstiegen xD sieht der abgefuckt aus ..

  2. tsss... es sind bekanntlich die inneren werte die zählen. und die waren eigentlich ganz okay - bin schon in schlimmeren zügen gesessen... die mitfahrer waren eher das problem. ;)


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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