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gruezi wohl frau stirnimaa

Posted on: Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

sorry for overflowing you with this many pictures from our one-day trip, but we wanted so share all of these images with you. we had a great day with spending a lot of money on shopping and eating. since i used to work in zurich for about 1.5 years before i moved to vienna last october, i was really enjoying the entire day. somehow it felt like coming home again...

btw. if you were wondering about the weird post title - it's a superfunny old swiss song from 1969 you can find here - which i can warmly recommend you to listen to. hihi.


  1. love love love the headline! :-D

  2. hahahaha, me too (incl. music video)
    see you tmrrw night! :)


thanks a lot. i heart you.

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